Want a fairytale wedding on a budget?

You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to have a fairytale wedding!

There are many ways to have a wedding day fit for royalty without having to sell the kingdom to pay for it. Did you know that a celebrant-led wedding can be cheaper than a registrar at your venue and the ceremony is personalised too!

Bridal magazines, websites, Pinterest, Instagram are full of ideas that can save money on your big day and it can give your celebration a really personal touch. No matter how much you spend, your day will still be special one and you don’t need to be marrying a prince for that!

My sister got married for under £100, admittedly that was a few years ago. She had a simple register office ceremony (today’s cost £50), buffet lunch at home, dress from a catalogue and  mum provided the bouquet & a taxi.

By contrast my first wedding had everything thrown at it. Glass coach complete with white horses, a designer dress with cathedral train, huge reception in a posh venue. You name it, I had it!

My sister celebrated 25 years marriage last year. My first marriage lasted 13 days. Not that I would change a thing about it ( maybe the groom), but hey I had a fab day!

My second marriage was more home-grown. My husband's family styled our venue (which was a beautiful 14th Century Tythe barn), mum-in-law made a stunning cake, sister-in-law my bouquet and veil and my hubby did all the catering. He even missed out on a beer the night before because he was peeling carrots – I still feel bad about that! We celebrate 10 years of marriage next year. I think I might have to plan a vow renewal stag do for him to make up for missing the first one!

Now I’m not saying that a marriage with thousands of pounds spent on it is going to fail. If that’s how a couple want to celebrate then they should. A wedding day is a wonderful occasion and a great way to reflect a couple’s personalities.

I’ve been to hundreds of weddings from the high end to the home-grown. I’m a romantic at heart and adore a good love story. Seeing two people so blissfully happy warms my heart. It’s why I trained to be a celebrant and it’s why my ceremonies focus on the couple, their love story and their promises to each other. That raw emotion, that commitment, that feeling at that moment, that’s what makes a marriage to me. Even though relationships go through their highs and lows, as long as a couple remember that moment, relive that feeling, that wonderful rush of love, then a marriage can last a lifetime. No matter how much (or little) is spent on a wedding day.

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