Cinder’s Dilemma

Cinderella sighed and pushed the mountain of wedding magazines aside. She put her head in her hands and wished loudly and fervently that her fairy godmother would present with her bucket of prosecco and a long straw. None were forthcoming so she assumed that her magical friend was still perfecting her pumpkin gin and was otherwise engaged.

Organising this wedding was becoming a headache, more than a headache, it was threatening to develop into a migraine. The mice were no help. They had their ideas regarding her dress but since discovering the palace kitchen’s supply of cheese, they had over-indulged and were fast asleep behind the skirting boards. Their snoring frequently broke the silence.

Prince Charming was away doing royal business and although there were countless members of the Royal household who had offered to help, Cinderella had thought she could do the arrangements herself. After all she had single-handedly run a large homestead and looked after a demanding step-mother and two sisters, so how much trouble could organising a wedding be? She was regretting her rashness now.

The trouble was that this wedding was growing out of all proportion. It was very much expected that it would be a grand affair but if truth be told Cinders would have been far happier having an informal do in the forest. She had heard of celebrant led weddings and knew that was the answer. A wedding ceremony which celebrated the love story, that allowed a mix of tradition with modern style and, if the Prince really wanted it, they could have some religious content thrown in. But what appealed to her was the freedom to create a wedding celebration that focused on them as a couple, which allowed them to write their own vows and express their love for each other in a way that had meaning to them both.

She quite fancied releasing a basket of butterflies, although something to do with shoes was probably more fitting with their story. Perhaps they could say their vows under the stars at midnight? At least this time she wouldn’t be worried about her dress turning into rags. One thing was for sure though, the glass slippers would have to go. They had played havoc with her chilblains and it had been a relief when one had fallen off. Perhaps her fairy godmother could conjure up some Jimmy Choos instead. Well if she could turn mice into horses then anything was possible.

Time for a break thought Cinders and wandered off in the direction of the palace kitchens to sample wedding cake. It was her eleventh piece of the morning but when you have a fairy godmother, calories don’t count.

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