Marriage Celebrations - A Love Story

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There are many different ways of declaring your love for your partner. Some choose to have a formal marriage in church or in a register office or licenced premises. Some don’t want a marriage service but would still like to mark their love with some sort of ceremony. Some choose to renew their vows on a special anniversary, or to reaffirm their love following a difficult time. Some want to convert their civil partnership into a marriage. Some have married abroad and now want to recognise their ceremony in their own country. They all want to celebrate their relationship with some sort of special event.

If you want your love story to be the main feature then a wedding celebration is for you. These can be held in any location which has special significance to your relationship, whether it is your home, a favourite venue, beach, field, even a football pitch. You’re the author of this wedding story, so where you decide to set it is your choice. If you are having an outdoor wedding celebration though it is worth bearing in mind the weather conditions!

The ceremony itself can be informal or more traditional in style, whatever reflects your personality and what you are comfortable with. They feature an exchange of vows, which some couples write themselves, some incorporate an exchange or blessing of rings or other symbolic action to represent their love. Some couples for instance like to light a candle to reflect that their love will burn brightly. There is an opportunity for the couple to have friends read a special poem or passage that means something to them.

Some want to include a religious passage, prayer or blessing which a civil ceremony would not allow. Some choose to make a declaration of support to a step child. Others like to remember loved ones who are no longer with them. Many like to sign a certificate as a lasting memento. There are so many ways of making the event special to you and I can talk through various ideas with you. Together we can draft an order of service and I can write a heartfelt and moving ceremony based around your relationship.



Types of Ceremonies

There are several types of wedding celebration ceremonies I conduct. I will work through the style of service with you. Taking your lead as to how formal or informal you both want your ceremony. I can make suggestions with readings, offer ideas for a symbolic action, like lighting a unity candle, to illustrate your deep love for each other. I can even help you with your vows.

Together we will write an order of service and I will then draft a script with the ceremony wording for your approval. The ceremony is written around your vision of your special day.




A Wedding Celebration
Ceremonies can be traditional like a wedding, informal in structure, or a mixture of both.

Conversion of a Civil Partnership to a Marriage
You may be a couple who have had a civil partnership but now wish to have this converted into a marriage.

A Commitment Ceremony
You may not want to be officially married but still want a ceremony where you can make promises to each other.