9 years ago on Wednesday I married the love of my life and it wasn’t a chocolate bar, or a glass of rhubarb gin! They say your wedding day passes in a blur so to enjoy every moment of it while you can.

I remember telling myself this, especially when I was waiting with my Dad to walk up the aisle. Trying to savour every moment. Commit every sight, sound and smell to memory.

As the day progressed I tried to create a memory palace, but I’ve never been very good at building things, so I think my palace was more of a tipi. However each memory has a place on its rich fabric. Not quite sure where I would put these ones!

Walking the corridors of the hotel at 4am the night before, unable to sleep and having a long conversation with a vending machine – no-one else was around!

Fretting as my lovely train had a chocolate hand print on it from my 1 year old! Wet wipes are a wonder and I don’t think anyone noticed. At least it was on the bottom of the train and not on my bottom!

Seeing JB waiting at the top of the aisle. I misread the look on his face and thought he was having second thoughts, so was desperate to get there before he ran off! He told me later that he was overcome with emotion, not fear! I wonder if he would say the same now! Just in case he tries to make a break for it, I have hidden the car keys!

As we look forward to our 10th anniversary, we are talking about ways of celebrating. Renewing our vows maybe. Part of me would like to re-live the wedding day. I would definitely need a larger dress! But could I cope with all that planning?

We have three children now and I’m not sure how I would fit it all in around, football, scouts, brownies, and Paw Patrol. Though to be fair my husband would probably do all the arranging. I certainly wouldn’t leave it up to my kids. Though laser tagging our way through a chocolate waterfall, wearing giant dinosaur outfits could be fun!

But then that is what my marriage to JB has been all about. Fun that is, not wearing outrageous costumes (though I have some wonderful photos of JB as an oversized crocodile and a storm trooper – not taken on our honeymoon I hasten to add! Our kids parties - honest!).

Okay there have been the down times but having a sense of humour has helped us through them. Which just goes to show that marriage doesn’t have to be a life sentence; it can be a limerick!

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