Secret to a Happy Marriage?

I am leading the celebrations for a couple celebrating their diamond anniversary this Saturday (17th Feb).

They married on the 15th February 1958, a day after Valentine’s day, but the nearest they could get to it. Learning how their love has deepened over 60 years has been inspirational.

Wendy and Arthur put the success of their marriage down to kindness to each other – and tolerance. This surprised me a little when they mentioned it.

When cupid’s arrow hits, tolerance is not the first word that comes to mind. But learning to love someone, despite their faults, is probably what true love is all about. So if my husband can love me, with my earth shattering snoring, then ours is a deep love indeed!

Fiona x

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  1. JB
    Wow! Me and my LW are will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary on the 21st Feb. If we get to our Diamond anniversay we'll both be in our very late nineties! Such a wonderful love story, thanks for posting Fiona.
  2. The ceremony Fiona organised was excellent. In spite of the limitations imposed by holding the event in a residential home the organisation required for a pleasant and smooth running afternoon was managed very skilfully. All our guests were very complimentary and my wife and I enjoyed our 60th Weddinng Anniversary very much. Who can ask for anything more ! ? Thank You Fiona...Oh yes , tolerance is a great help. Your car engine needs oil to avoid friction and human relationships run more sweetly with discretion and tolerance . Arthur and Wendy Moore
    • Thank you Arthur and family for your lovely comments. It was an honour to be at your special day and to help you celebrate. Fiona
  3. Fiona made my parents 60th anniversary a very special occasion. She made sure it was an enjoyable, fun, warm and heartfelt celebration. A really great event. Thank you!
  4. Hi Fiona I would like to say on behalf of my family and myself included, A Big thank you for the lovely Ceremony that you did for Wendy and Arthur on their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Your enthusiasm and lovely warm personality made it relaxed and as though you were part of our family. I know Your Ceremony made Wendy and Arthur’s day that extra Special. Many thanks once again and we all send our best wishes. Joan Burby and Family. X

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