Under the Sea

It was hot, very hot, one of the hottest days of the year. As she was dressing for the wedding ceremony she reflected on all those brides who would be sweltering in their wedding finery. The couple she was marrying today had decided to celebrate the weather and take advantage of the outdoor pool at their venue. She had been a little surprised when they said they were now going for a mermaid theme and wanted the service in the water, but, as she adjusted her Peppa Pig water wings, she was grateful that the wedding attire was a swimming costume. At least the ceremony was in the shallow end of the pool, so she wouldn't need a snorkle!

This was one of the more unusual ceremonies that she had conducted but she enjoyed a challenge. It was one of the pleasures of being a celebrant. Marriage ceremonies could be held any where, any time. No wedding was ever the same. All were as unique as the couples who were declaring their love. Each ceremony reflecting their personalities and this couple were wild and wacky!

As she walked to the pool an excited young bridesmaid, wearing a rubber ring, ran past and the strains of Disney's Little Mermaid filled the air. In this weather perhaps it really was "better where it is wetter" "under the sea!"

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