Peter Rabbit was excited. He had a brand new blue jacket and, in honour of the special occasion, a bow tie. Flopsy, Mopsy and Cotton Tail twirled in delight, watching their pink tutu bridesmaid-bunny skirts flare up and Benjamin was enjoying sampling the carrot wedding cake. He should never have been put in charge of guarding it!

Peter had a really special job, he was going to hop down the aisle with the wedding rings. He had practised several times and had only dropped them once but he was determined not to let Rose and Thomas down. He knew what an important day this was. The celebrant had told him not to worry too much. Whilst it was a little unusual, a rabbit ring bearer, she had led weddings where dogs or owls had performed the task and she was sure he would be just as good, if not better, than they had been.

That was the good thing about a celebrant led wedding, a couple could have anything they wanted in the ceremony and Thomas and Rose had wanted him. He was so proud. He sat upright, ready for action, when a fly landed on his nose. He flipped it and he flopped it and, as the fly flew away, he heard his cue. He hopped off down the aisle, repeating to himself over and over “don’t drop the rings, don’t poop on the carpet”. Today was a good day and nothing was going to ruin it!

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