Belle blew away a layer of dust from the shelf in the library and carefully extracted a volume of love poems. Smiling to herself she drew a heart in the dirt that had gathered. Ever since Plumette and Lumiere had announced their engagement, housekeeping standards had fallen but then it was hard to keep on top of the mundane things when there was a wedding to plan.

The whole palace was working feverishly towards making the day extra special for this popular couple. Mrs Potts wedding cake was a wonder to behold and the dress that Madam de Garderobe had designed for the bride was out of this world, with feathers on the skirt reminiscent of the days when they had all been transformed into magical objects. Cogsworth had taken on the role of wedding planner and was determined that everything would run like clock-work and Chip was busy practicising blowing giant bubbles for the entertainment. Even Beast was getting in on the act, offering to serenade the couple on their first dance. Whilst Belle didn’t ‘shudder at his paw’ she certainly shook at his singing. Years of being an animal had played havoc on his vocal chords. She was hoping to persuade her prince to recite a sonnet instead.

Belle had one of the most important roles of all. That of celebrant and she was determined that the celebrations would reflect the couples personalities. To make the event even more meaningful she was writing their love story, which would feature in the ceremony. Romance’s were her favourite type of book so she was relishing retelling the couples love tale from their first meet, to memorable moments to dreams for the future. She had spent time chatting to them both so the script would really reflect their characters, featuring anecdotes of special moments spent together and what they loved most about each other

She was just finding it so hard to concentrate with Beast growling out – “You’re the one that I want” especially as the “oo’s” were sounding more like howls. Oh for the “sound of silence” she wished and buried her head into the book. When all of a sudden the music changed. Beast entered the library singing softly Bette Midler’s “The Rose”. He really was a romantic and this was a song that with passion he could carry. Swept up in his arms she joined in the final line “Just remember in the winter, far beneath the bitter snows, lies the seed, that with the sun's love in the spring becomes the rose.” And that she thought was the perfect theme for this wedding!

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