Easter Funny

“Happy Chocolate day everyone”, as my little boy said this morning. “Zach” I asked “What is Easter all about?” “Bunnies” he replied “And chicks”, then there was a pause “And Jesus died”. “Why did Jesus die?” I asked. Zach thought for a moment and then solemnly said “Because he couldn’t eat chocolate.” I tried not to laugh. Isn’t life wonderful through the eyes of children!

“But it’s alright Mummy” He continued after a brief pause “Because two fairies brought him back to life again.” “And why did they do that?” “So he could have an Easter egg”. “Ah right”.

Then bless him he broke open his Cadbury’s button’s one and handed me a piece. “But it’s okay Mummy you can have some cos he saved us from sins”. Little love, he knows I am on Slimming World and am trying in vain to stick to my 15 max syns a day, so he must think that Jesus is something to do with my diet! I know Jesus performed miracles but I’m not sure that getting me back to a size 10 would have been on his priority list. Still, I love the idea that calories don’t count at Easter so I’m going to enjoy my piece of sin free chocolate and pray for my waist line later!

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