May the fourth be with you

It was she thought the strangest of weddings. It wasn’t so much the squadron of storm troopers who had escorted her to this secluded woodland, or even the man in the strange black armour with what appeared to be an asthma problem, or the rather large hairy creature that sounded like a bear on helium, no the thing that was weird about this wedding, was that it was dark, the stars were out and there appeared to be two moons. She had the vaguest feeling that she might not be on earth, which might explain why she couldn’t understand a word the little teddy bear creatures were saying. Though she knew they were excited about something, quite possibly the strange dance with glowing sticks that a couple of young men were performing.

She felt a presence beside her and looked down. A little green creature spoke “Lead the celebrations you will.” “But what celebrations?” She asked “What am I doing here?” She had conducted many themed weddings in her time, from a re-enactment of Roman nuptials (she hadn’t been too keen on the entrails reading on that one) to two trapeze artists exchanging their vows on the high wire (fortunately her feet had been firmly on the ground). Some couples and their bridal party really did go for it and this lot really were the best so far. The odd thing was that she couldn’t remember taking the booking. With luck this was all some weird dream caused by eating too much cheese, washed down with a liberal helping of red vino. Not that she was that worried. It wasn’t the first wedding that she had conducted under the stars. The great thing about celebrant led weddings was that they could be any time, any place, any where. Though they were usually on earth!

It was she decided her own fault. Though she’d had no idea that her instagram postings would have gone this far into space. “If you want a wedding out of this world” The post had began “”Let the Force be with you on your special day. Your Ceremony. Your Way!” She had thought it quite fitting, it being the 4th of May and if truth be told, she harboured a secret ambition to lead a sci-fi wedding. She had no qualms about dressing with the theme, though these days (possibly due to the cheese and wine) a large slug outfit was probably more in keeping than a bikini with chains.

‘Well’, she pondered as the Cantina Band struck up their version of the wedding march, “I

wonder who the lucky couple are?” and as luck would have, it she woke up.

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