Glass Slippers

I have just returned from leading a Diamond Wedding Celebration. A truly wonderful event, with a gorgeous couple and their lovely family. 60 years married seems incredible to me. JB and I celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary next week, so we have a long way to go to reach our diamond!

I often think of the stages of a relationship as being shoes – weird I know but then after having had 3 children my brain cell is a bit addled. Bear with me …

So in the beginning the relationship is a bit like a stiletto (or in some cases kinky boots, I think mine may have been wellingtons). The shoe is beautiful to look at, you make a real effort going out in them (ladies will understand this, or guys if they like wearing heels). They can be difficult to walk in as you get used to them but boy do you feel good when you are wearing them. Though I question Cinderella’s sanity with glass slippers!

Then there is the wedding shoe. Beautiful to look at it, a shoe with special significance, a shoe that will change your life, as it is wearing it that that you will wed. A vicar friend of mine used to check the groom’s shoes before a wedding, as some jokers used to write HE on one sole and LP on the other, so that they flashed a message at the congregation as the couple were taking their vows! Wedding shoes bring excitement but after the wedding day they invariably get shoved to the back of the wardrobe, or brought out on special occasions.

So you go from fabulous shoes, to practical shoes as you settle into married life. These new shoes can give you a few blisters to begin with as you get used to walking in them, but persevere and your feet get used to them, the shoes become the perfect fit.

Shoes, like a marriage, need attention paid to them – they need the occasional buff and polish, sometimes dog poo has to be scraped off them but you love those shoes because they feel so good!

Over the years, those shoes may become a bit tired they may even smell a bit (or in my case wiff so much that when I take them off I gas the house) but you don’t want to throw them away. These are bargain shoes, they are going to last a life time so you just get them re-heeled and if necessary resoled.

Perhaps after 60 years those shoes become slippers, nice, warm, comfy ones that nestle your feet as you snuggle down next to the radiator with a cup of cocoa and a thick fluffy blanket.

And let’s face it given the choice which would you prefer? A shiny stiletto that pinches your toes, or cosy foot warmers that you feel happy and content with.

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