Rock A Bye Baby

Preparations are well under way for the Royal Christening of Baby Louis and Baby London Magazine recently published Carole Middleton’s advice for a naming day celebration. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a really special day for your little one. A ceremony and a buffet at home can be just as meaningful as a cathedral and banquet. Though Carole’s suggestion of theming the event possibly with a teddy bears picnic is a fabulous idea!

There are many ways of celebrating the day. For those who want to make a commitment to raise the child in the Christian faith there are christenings. For those who want to make promises to bring their child up within a loving nurturing family, there are naming ceremonies. These can be semi-religious (with prayer or blessing), you can choose to have a christening and a naming ceremony, or may decide that the personalised naming ceremony where you make promises to your child is more your thing.

Naming ceremonies can be held in your home, a venue or even outside. They are a great excuse for a party and many families combine them with the child’s first birthday. If there are older siblings there are some fabulous ways of getting them involved in the ceremony from the symbolic (lighting a candle for instance) to saying a few words, reading or poem to their little brother or sister. I like to include a nursery rhyme sing-song when I conduct my ceremonies as it is wonderful to see the joy on the baby’s face when they recognise their favourite tune. It is also lovely to see all the other children singing along. Of course you could follow Carole Middleton’s advice and have a harpist but an iPod is just as good and a lot cheaper!

Naming Ceremonies don’t even have to be for babies, they can also be held when two families are joining together (as part of the wedding ceremony), a step-parent wanting to make a commitment to their partner’s child, or to celebrate an adoption. Whatever the occasion, the service is scripted around the family and truly reflects their personalities and wishes for the child’s future.

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