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Rock A Bye Baby

Preparations are well under way for the Royal Christening of Baby Louis and Baby London Magazine recently published Carole Middleton’s advice for a naming day celebration. You don’t need to spend a fortune to have a really special day for your little one. A ceremony and a buffet at home can be just as meaningful as a…
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Want a fairytale wedding on a budget?

You don’t have to pay a king’s ransom to have a fairytale wedding! There are many ways to have a wedding day fit for royalty without having to sell the kingdom to pay for it. Did you know that a celebrant-led wedding can be cheaper than a registrar at your venue and the ceremony is…
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May the fourth be with you

It was she thought the strangest of weddings. It wasn’t so much the squadron of storm troopers who had escorted her to this secluded woodland, or even the man in the strange black armour with what appeared to be an asthma problem, or the rather large hairy creature that sounded like a bear on helium,…
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Snow White and the Owl

The Owl was known as the wisest of creatures in the forest. His sage advice was legendary, though his ability to predict the lottery numbers could be called into question. But he did know many things, some quite important stuff, like marmite with honey did not make a good sandwich filler. So the animals came…
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