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Secret to a Happy Marriage?

I am leading the celebrations for a couple celebrating their diamond anniversary this Saturday (17th Feb). They married on the 15th February 1958, a day after Valentine’s day, but the nearest they could get to it. Learning how their love has deepened over 60 years has been inspirational. Wendy and Arthur put the success of…
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A surprise in store

This time last year I was co-presenting a Valentine's TV special. A lucky couple had won a romantic day at Carlton Towers, with a spa, cooking masterclass and faulous lovers meal. They have just got engaged. Yippee! I am so pleased for them. They are a perfect partnership. I'm really looking forward to their wedding.…
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That’s amore!

When I first heard this song, I niavely thought it was about a man’s love for pizza, and being a fan of a double pepperoni I quite understood. Well they do say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. To be politically correct, a woman’s too – and my tummy isn’t…
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The Best Thing in Life

My grandfather was a minister and he married a number of people over the years. He had a wonderful saying “The third best thing in life is to love someone, the second best thing is to have someone love you but the best thing in life is when those two happen at the same time”.…
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